Student membership at the Royal Statistical Society (RSS)

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We received this recently from the RSS and thought you might be interested. The following is edited for brevity 🙂

We have changed the structure of our student membership offering, so that it is free and open to all students (including part-timers). It also offers online benefits only and as such is called e-Student membership. Students can apply online and it should only take a matter of minutes to apply, so they no longer need to fill out a paper applications signed by the programme directors. Hopefully this will also increase uptake as there are no requirements to apply, apart from an interest in statistics, and no subscription payment. Please do promote this opportunity to as many of your students as you can if possible, including those not on accredited courses. Please point them in the direction of for the time being where they can read more about membership and sign up.

While we will no longer be offering printed copies of Significance as part of this free membership, we do also want to continue offering this to those in the final year of the accredited courses, as we always have done. If these students could apply online in the normal way, they will find instructions on how to be set up to receive this additional benefit during the process (they basically just need to contact my colleague Joanna – – with some proof that they are on an eligible course). If any students who are not on accredited courses would like to receive Significance as a hard copy, it is worth pointing them in the direction of the Wiley website, where they can subscribe directly for a reduced rate as students.


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