A message from the School president

Hi there!

I hope you’re all settling down here in St Andrews, and an especially warm welcome to all first-years, direct entry second-years and exchange students!

To start with, I’ll briefy introduce myself. My name is Raghav, and I am President of the School of Maths and Stats. As School President, it is my job to represent you to the Department and the University. As one of your points of contact for advice and support, I will take any concerns you may have to higher channels. I’m looking forward to working with you all throughout the upcoming year!

As some of you might know, each of the 21 School Presidents at the University is ably supported by a team of Class Representatives. This team meets twice per semester as part of the SSCC (Staff-Student Consultative Committee), and works with staff members to address issues in the School. Class Reps serve as focal points within different divisions of the School.

There are 13 different Class Reps positions available:

  • First Year Fast Track Rep
  • First Year Rep
  • Direct Entry Rep
  • Second Year Rep
  • Applied Maths, Level 3000/4000 Representative
  • Pure Maths, Level 3000/4000 Representative
  • Statistics, Level 3000/4000 Representative
  • Applied Maths, Level 4000/5000 Representative
  • Pure Maths, Level 4000/5000 Representative
  • Statistics, Level 4000/5000 Representative
  • MSc Rep (PGT)
  • PhD Rep (PGR)
  • SSCC Secretary

Nominations for Class Rep are now open, and are open until 5pm on Friday the 18th of September. There are currently several positions with no nominations received yet. I highly encourage you to run! It is an excellent opportunity to gain leadership and communication experience, and to work with senior members of staff. Another perk of this position is that it is very well-recognised by employers and looks excellent on a CV. You can nominate yourself through this link:


You will receive regular emails from me containing updates and plans throughout the year, but that’s all for now. Feel free to get in touch with me anytime over email or stop me in the halls, even just to grab coffee. I’m more than happy to chat!

Raghav Mehra
School President, Maths & Stats

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