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Welcome to week 1!

Here is a message from SUMS (all views contained within are opinions and views from the SUMS group :-).

Hi All,
Welcome to University! Hope you have all survived freshers week, whether it is your first or fourth, it never gets any less brutal.
Many things to say, so will keep it as straight to the point as possible…

Pub Golf
This Thursday, Whey Pat – 8pm.
Link below to event.

Thanks to everyone that has already paid! If not, would you mind bringing along £3 to the pub golf.

Sunday League Football
Our publicity rep, Surabhi, is keen on creating a football for Sunday League for both students and staff. If you are interested then drop her an email on sd207 ASAP so we can get the ball rolling…pun intended.

Lecture Series
Our very first lecture is a collaboration between Maths, Physics and Astrophysics. Presented by Mr. Carey; he will discuss the task of bringing two spacecraft together (i.e. into matching orbits – “orbital rendezvous”) in a controlled, safe fashion.
See the link below for more details.

Rubix Cube Challenge
At the Freshers Fayre we had a challenge that whoever managed to solve a Rubix cube in the quickest time would get free membership for the year. Several impressive times were recorded, but at only 34.70s, Noah Joubert won the challenge! Congrats mate, you should receive an email today!

Freshers Fayre Problem
You also may have noticed a problem we had on the table at the Freshers Fayre: What is fastest way to prove that 2^{1/3} is irrational?
Let 2^{1/3}=p/q (p,q coprime integers) then 2 q^3=p^3, or q^3+q^3=p^3, which is contradiction by Fermat’s Last Theorem.

Fresher & Postgrad Rep
This year we have 2 open places on the committee for a Freshers rep and a Postgrad rep. These positions will help us have better representation across years and hopefully another opportunity to get more people involved. Email sums@st-Andrews.ac.uk if you are interested. EGM details coming at a later date.

Good luck for week 1, and welcome to the life of 9ams..
Much love, SUMS.

c/o Hannah Mercer

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